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Check out The Keytar Kids

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The Keytar Kids

The Keytars Kids are a AA-battery-powered pop sensation. Using the ‘keytar’, the love-child of guitar and keyboard, they will take you on a funky tour into the den of retro-glam-paradiso. Join them as they show you what you can do with just 49 keys and a pitch bend? wheel.

James Hampton at the Toff in Town

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Fabulous fun at the launch of “Land or Sea” at
The Toff in Town Melbourne

James Hampton           Piano, Vocals
Andrew Rousch            Drums
Josh Bridges                   Bass
Nick Brown                     Guitar
Nyssa Bradsworth      Backing vocals
Simone Gill                      Backing vocals
Bianca Fenn                    Backing Vocals
Nick Wilkins                   Trumpet
Wes Mowson                 Trombone
Nigel Maas                       Tenor Sax
Rob Simone                      Alto Sax